How to re-link the tables in the Access Data inventory front end

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How to re-link the tables in the Access Data inventory front end

Post by Ian025 on 2016-05-20, 12:18

There is a problem that causes the Data inventory to be unusable. This may be caused by the linked tables in Access getting out of sync with the connection to the database.

The problem occurs when:

  • You have successfully set up the PostgreSQL ODBC driver, and testing it reports successful connection,
  • You have setup the VPN and mapped the ltern (T) drive
  • You open the Data inventory front end in MS Access, it pauses for a while then reports connection failed

To fix this problem

  • Click ‘ok’ on the error message in Access
  • Click on the ‘Enable Content’ button in the yellow message bar neat the top of the window

  • Open the ‘Linked Table Manager’ by clicking on the ‘Linked Table Manager’ button, under the ‘EXTERNAL DATA’ menu

  • Select all the tables in the list,
  • Check the 'Always prompt for new location' and click ‘Ok’

    Access will pause for a while, and may report it is ‘Not Responding’ in the title bar, but eventually a ‘Select Data Source’ window will open.

  • Switch to the ‘Machine Data Source’ tab
  • Select  ‘hackintosh’ from the list
  • Click ‘Ok’

    The tables will be re-linked and display a success message

  • Click 'Ok' on the message box
  • Click ‘Close’ button on the ‘Linked Table Manager’

The data inventory should now be usable


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