How to install Microsoft Office 2013 (including Access)

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How to install Microsoft Office 2013 (including Access)

Post by Ian025 on 2016-05-20, 13:48

Employees of the ANU have the ability to install Microsoft Office2013 on work computers through their webmail. This will take a while to download Office onto your computer, which is about a 2 GB download.

  • Open you web email
    Link How to ANU web mail

  • Click on settings wheel in the top right of the window
  • In the settings panel click on 'Office 365' near the bottom of the list

    A new window will open

  • Click on 'Install status' at the left of the window
  • Click on 'Install desktop applications' in the centre of the window

  • Scroll down to the bottom and expand the 'Install Office 365 ProPlus with 2013 apps'

  • Click on the install button at the bottom of the screen in the expanded section
  • Install office with default settings.


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