How to upload files to the forum

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How to upload files to the forum

Post by Admin on 2016-05-10, 13:23

The forum doesn’t seem to support hosting files directly, this is probably for space reasons, or maybe security concerns. A workaround is to use a file hosting service like Google drive, Dropbox, etc, and place a link on the forum.

To use google drive:

  • Go to
  • Create an account if needed
  • Drag the file into your 'drive'

  • Right click on the uploaded file and chose share option

  • Copy the link address (highlighted text in the image) with “Anyone with the link can view” option selected (should already be selected by default)

  • In the forum, when creating a post click on the insert link button

  • Paste the link into the 'URL' field and add a description

  • Clink the insert button

The link will be added to the content section of the post you are writing and will look something like
[url=]Procedures manual[/url]

When posted other people will be able to follow the link and get access to the file shared. They will only have access to the file you specifically shared in the link. They will not have access to your account details, or any other files even if you have shared them elsewhere.


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