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Post by Jodie C on 2016-05-17, 10:50

Hello, I'm looking for advice on the best way to create a new time series data package. I've had trouble with duplicating a record in previous versions of Morpho, and have noticed this is mentioned in LTERN documentation as being a problem as well.

What is everyone else doing? Is there a preferred method to copy this information?


Jodie C

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Re: Duplicates

Post by cdl on 2016-05-17, 16:00

Hi Jodie,
Sorry, I've been busy and didn't notice this:
- log-on to Morpho
- file>save as duplicate
- save locally - don't save to the network and take offline immediately by altering the access restrictions (then it shouldn't matter if you save accidentally to the network). Whilst it's in working form I include teh word "Draft" in the title to avoid confusion.


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